A Novel Idea.

A Formal Round-Up So let’s dive straight back into it, shall we? Suits When it comes to the jacket, make sure that it hugs your shoulders, is slim in the body and that it covers your bottom. The trousers should be slim, not skinny, and have a break that suits…

Nothing screams elegance like formal attire, but often occasions don’t call for a full suit. With the smart casual dress code being admired by many, how does a man pull it off? Recent advice has often made things confusing but I’m here today to strip it right down for you, giving you…

Virgil Abloh showcases one of his biggest inspirations in his next collection, the Royal style icon In the 20th year since Princess Diana’s tragic death, there has been a slew of books, documentaries and tributes dedicated to the people’s princess. Now, Virgil Abloh is taking it a step further, as the first…

I studied architecture in my hometown of Lima, Peru, in one of the most diverse countries in the world. Not only do we have distinctive landscapes of deserts and bays, mountains and valleys, tropical forests and large rivers, but our culture, due to the European invasion of America, is... Read more
Mars City Design differentiates itself from those other initiatives by encouraging proposals that put aeshetics, well-being, and urban-thinking first. Colonizing Mars won’t be easy: the planet’s atmosphere contains almost no oxygen. Solar and galactic radiation threaten to scramble astronauts’ DNA. And even its warmest regions experience nighttime lows of... Read more
Starting on Friday, visitors to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Britain’s beloved repository of decorative arts, will get an unexpected lesson in cutting-edge architecture. A new courtyard entrance designed by Amanda Levete of AL_A, with sharp angles, swoopy curves, and more than 10,000 patterned porcelain tiles, will lead visitors... Read more
Nothing beats a good old backyard cookout with family and friends in the summertime. Outdoor barbecue setups can be as simple as a pit with coal in the back of your garden, or a small portable grill surrounded by chairs. For a more complete system, they can include sleek... Read more
Aptly named The Publishing House, a just-opened bed-and-breakfast in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood avoids the kitsch of traditional B&Bs. Instead, the owners and hosts, Shawn Uldridge and Kimberly Lowerly, sought to preserve the building’s historic character and infuse it with decor that’s both stylish and homey, making for a refreshing... Read more
The Eskimos are said to have a hundred words for snow, but in an impeccably bespoke interior by Geoffrey Bradfield, there are nearly as many synonyms for gray: pearl, dove, pinstripe, oyster, fox, seafoam, mist, moonlight, pebble, mushroom, taupe, smoke, cloud, steel, platinum, ash, pumice, slate and, of course,... Read more
Glass tubes combine to form a structural wall assembly that admits daylight, generates energy, and insulates like a solid wall. “The project presents quite a beautiful solution and takes it to a scale that I haven’t seen before.” —juror Erin Besler When Gary Haney, FAIA, a design partner at Skidmore,... Read more
Projects by Marlon Blackwell Architects, NBBJ, Forum Studio, Cannon Design, Johnsen Schmaling Architects, Kliment Halsband Architects, Philips Design, and Anderson Mikos Architects received recognition across four categories. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced this year’s seven winners of the institute’s Healthcare Design Awards on Monday. Awarded across four categories based... Read more
There’s a reason that choosing a venue is often the first thing a newly engaged couple tackles. A stunning location can set the tone for the day and impacts every other decision from the menu to the dress. For design and architecture lovers, an iconic site can provide offer... Read more
Berlin-based architect Sigurd Larsen designed these two larch-clad homes as a sustainable and affordable model for an “organic” housing development in Hvalsø, Denmark. The Danish but Berlin-based architect created the homes for a sustainable housing development called Frikøbing, which is located around 60 kilometres inland from Copenhagen. The affordable typologies, which cost approximately 15,000 DKK... Read more